At Sea View Resort & Spa we offer a range of facilities and activities for you to enjoy during your stay. From snorkeling to kayaking, fitness center, library to swimming pools, there is truly something for everyone. Whatever your interests, our team is always on hand to ensure you enjoy uniquely memorable experiences.

Koh Chang Waterfalls

Koh Chang is well known for it’s amazing waterfalls and there are plenty found around the island to see. Most waterfalls are easily accessible in Koh Chang and none are too far away. Klong Plu, on the west coast, is by far the most popular and the one most visited by tourists. Than Mayom is located on the east coast of the island. As such, it isn’t as busy as Than Mayom. But it is popular mainly because two Thai Kings – Rama V and Rama VI, visited the falls in the past and carved their names onto the rocks.

Mangrove Walk

If you find yourself with an extra half hour and you have an interest in mangroves you might want to stop by Salak Phet’s mangrove. The mangrove walkway transects a vibrant mangrove forest containing several flowering species of trees, which were flowering and fruiting in profusion.

Elephant Trekking

Koh Chang means elephant (chang) island (koh), but this is because of its shape and size rather than wild herds living in the jungle. Nonetheless, there are elephant camps where you can ride on them, swim with them and feed them and it is a fun way to spend a morning or an afternoon, with children especially well looked after by the mahouts.

Viewpoint Hike and Jungle Trek

Old-growth rainforest blankets mountains topping 700 meters on Koh Chang, making it a great place to do some jungle trekking and mountain hiking as a break from the beach.

Treetop Adventure

In the tree top Adventure Park, you can become Tarzan for a day and swing and glide between the tree limbs. Visitors can enjoy all the fun with rope bridges, “Tarzan swings”, flying skateboards and giant zip lines. After a compulsory briefing where you are taught how to use the slings, carabiners, pulleys and other safety precautions, you will be swinging one elevated platform to the next and from tree to tree for hours. Minimum height for kids is 110 cm.


Explore the wonderful landscape of Koh Chang island by off-road ATV, drive on dirt roads and forest trails of the island. Feel the spirit of adventure, climbing the hills through the tropical jungle. A professional instructor will help even beginners to get started and after a little practice you will be ready for adventure.

Bird Watching

Koh Chang is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including native birds, snakes and even a number of elephants. They are a home to more than 80 bird species. Khao Laem and Khao Yai are popular sites and it is the places where native species like Koh Chang hornbills are commonly spotted as well as other species such as such as parrots, sunbirds and many more. The lush forest on the island provides a chance to get close to the nature.