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Our intuitive massage therapists use a range of international and traditional Thai massage techniques that relieve tension, enhance muscle tone, improve circulation and digestion, detoxify, and increase mental alertness. Each service is customized for your unique needs.



During this harmonious combination of eastern and western massage techniques, the therapist performs a pressure point release ritual along your body, coupled with gentle Thai massage stretches. These techniques open the meridians, allowing the release of tension from your body.
60/90 Minutes [THB 1,400/2,000]


An intense, restorative treatment specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. Deep tissue and cross muscle fibre techniques are combined with stretching and drainage movements, actively engaging the deeper layers of your muscular tissue.
60/90 Minutes [THB 1,400/2,000]



A holistic treatment that draws on the power of essential oils to restore your wellbeing. Pressure points on your face are stimulated, followed by light and extended massage strokes that are used to guide you into a state of deep physical relaxation.
60/90 Minutes [THB 1,400/2,000]



An ancient form of healing massage. The therapist applies thumb and finger pressure on the meridians along with stretching techniques to release blocked energy and ease muscular tension. Thai massage improves blood circulation and flexibility while restoring health and vitality.
60/90 Minutes [THB 1,400/2,000]



A powerful combination of hot stones used on major muscle groups together with a deep tissue massage restores your physical balance and wellbeing. Heat from the stones relaxes sore muscles, allowing the therapist to focus on relieving any deep-seated tension through isolated bodywork.
90 Minutes [THB 2,200]



A traditional Thai therapy passed down from one generation to another, it blends Thai massage techniques with the use of classical Thai herbal compresses (luk pra kob ), a selection of local herbs wrapped in muslin and steamed. Gently applied on the meridian lines, the herbal compresses deliver the healing benefits of local herbs into the skin, stimulate circulation, relieve aches and pains, reduce inflammation and revitalise the skin.
90 Minutes [THB 2,200]



The perfect massage to nourish the skin and promote relaxation. Thai herbs (lemongrass, kaffir lime and plai) are blended with soy wax to create an aromatic candle. The therapist will apply melted wax to the body; this warm soy wax will be slowly absorbed into the skin, relaxing both body and mind.
60 Minutes [THB 1,600]



Experience this gentle healing treatment that grants cooling relief for skin damaged from overexposure to the sun. Long, light massage strokes are used to apply a soothing aloe vera gel promoting cell renewal and skin hydration.
60 Minutes [THB 1,400]



A Thai foot massage focusing specifically on the feet and lower legs stimulates blood circulation. Acupressure is applied to reflex points on the feet, stimulating a response in the corresponding organ and activating the body’s self-healing process. This massage promotes relaxation and reduces muscular stress in the feet and legs.
60 Minutes [THB 1,000]



The powerful massage designed to alleviate tension and stress. Warm aromatic oils are applied together with long stroke massage techniques to provide an immediate release of muscle tension, increase circulation and flexibility. Whilst, the power of essential oil aids to soothe, recharge and bring back an inner sense of wellbeing.
60 Minutes [THB 1,400]



Discover Thailand’s skin therapy secret and pamper yourself with a deeply nourishing body polish. A selection of local Thai herbs blended together with essential oil, gently applied on the skin helps to stimulate circulation also assist in removing dull skin cell and nurturing the skin leaves your skin smooth and reveal your natural healthy glow. Ideal for all skin type.
30/60 Minutes [THB 750/1,400]


Reveal glowing and refreshing your skin with highly effective skin renewal treatment. Ultra-refining and hydrating specially designed for dry and rough skin, buffing your skin into perfection with amazing healing properties of Thai herbs to restore and give deep hydration and nutrition, leaving it soft and make your skin sparkle with a youthful glow.
30/60 Minutes [THB 750/1,400]


Aloe vera works to hydrate and restore the skin’s moisture balance, perfect for treating sunburn and helping wounds recover. Soothing aloe vera gel is applied to the entire body, a wrap is formed and the aloe vera is allowed to fully absorb deep into the skin, leaving it nourished and rejuvenated.
30/60 Minutes [THB 750/1,400]


The luxurious treatment to cleanse and purify skin with a unique blend of clay, natural plants oils, and Thai root herbs. The purifying wrap allows nutrients to be absorbed deep into the skin and draws out impurities and dead skin cells, the cause of skin roughness and dullness. Emerge with tighter, smoother skin.
30/60 Minutes [THB 750/1,400]



Ultra-rich skin recovery. An intense facial treatment designed to protect your skin against the damaging effects of time. The treatment restores the skin’s natural functions to deliver skin radiance and firmness. Revitalize and strengthen your skin’s structure to suppress the common signs of ageing.
60 Minutes [THB 1,600]


This regenerating and reviving skin treatment removes impurities and provides the skin with a fresh start. The unique combination of aromatic blends delivers intense skin hydration as well as powerful anti-oxidant actions that fortify the skin barrier.
60 Minutes [THB 1,600]


Sun exposure, extreme temperatures, pollution and even stress play havoc with the condition of your skin. This aromatic facial offers advanced hydration and skin calming through the application of natural plant extracts. Reclaim strong, healthy skin, reduce irritations and exude radiance.
60 Minutes [THB 1,600]



This massage involves pressure point stimulation on the scalp and face. It helps to relieve headaches, improve facial tone and promote a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
30 Minutes [THB 750]


An express facial treatment to cleanse, exfoliate and provide personalized care according to the condition of your skin.
30 Minutes [THB 800]


Dissolve aches and strains. Medium-to-gentle pressing movements allied with the properties of our selected oils release all tensions in back and shoulders.
30 Minutes [THB 750]


Relax tired feet. Focusing on the feet, this treatment involves the manipulation of specific reflex points, which stimulates the body’s self-healing process while promoting relaxation and reducing muscular stress.
30 Minutes [THB 750]


Join us for an hour of fun and learning. Master the secrets of creating spa skin care. Choose one from our three courses:


Bath Bomb and Aroma Candle


Melt and Pour Soap


Thai Herbal Compress


Relax in a cozy spa, and have a wonderful time with friends in our SPA WORKSHOP.

45-60 Minutes [THB 600]


Signature Packages


Experience our exceptional rainforest bathing, relax in our aromatherapy steam room or detoxify in our Finnish sauna. Boost your circulation with our hot and cold bathing circuit and discover our self-serve scrub bar where your skin is nourished with the essences of natural fruits, vegetables and roots. Or simply submerge yourself in our garden vitality pool while enjoying the stunning vistas of the rainforest. Experience either as part of a treatment journey or as a treatment in itself.

180 Minutes [THB 700] 


Experience an authentic Thai therapy specially designed to maintain the balance of your individual Thai core element (thaat jao ruen ): earth ( din ), water ( nam), air ( lom ) and fire ( fai ). Together with your month of birth, personality traits, physical characteristics and age, your skilled therapist will create personalized journeys that result in the melting away of tensions, and rebalance and re-awaken energy levels in body and soul.


EARTH (din)

Bring equilibrium to your earth element. This specially crafted journey opens with a skin exfoliation, applying a blend of herbs and natural oils that promote and restore the skin’s natural glow. Next, experience the power of Thai healing with an authentic Thai massage that combines stretching and firm pressure point stimulation.Conclude with a Thai herbal compress massage that works the body’s meridian lines to relieve tensions and aches.

People with a dominant earth element (thaat din) are typically born in the months of October, November or December. The earth element being out of balance can result in brittle nails and skin, weak tissues and bones, and feelings of being ungrounded and an inability to focus.

120 Minutes [THB 2,360]


WATER (nam)

Achieve calm in your water element. Start by nourishing your skin with a
hydrating body mask enriched with essential minerals and vitamins. With your skin now soothed, restore physical balance and wellbeing with a hot stone massage. Allow the warmth to seep in deeply, relaxing sore muscles and easing tensions. Finish with a relaxing foot massage.

A dominant water element is commonly found in people born in July, August or September. Water dominant people exhibit healthy blood and eyes and well-hydrated skin. An imbalanced water element can be seen in the occurrence of dry skin, dehydration, respiratory conditions and water retention. It also causes strong emotions and depression.

120 Minutes [THB 2,360]


WIND (lom)

Achieve harmony in body and soul. Specially created for wind-dominant people, feel invigorated with a deep tissue massage that applies an aroma blend of Thai herbs. This aids the relief of intellectual fatigue, giving the mind strength and clarity. An intensive facial treatment rejuvenates the skin, preventing the signs of ageing and helping maintain natural moisture levels. A foot massage provides a perfect conclusion to the journey, stimulating circulation and promoting overall good health.

A dominant wind element ( thaat lom ) is usually found in people born in April, May or June. They generally display strong intestinal and respiratory health. With wind being in an excited or weakened state, this can cause insomnia, anxiety and other mental disturbances.

120 Minutes [THB 2,360]


FIRE (fai)

Return fire to its steady state using a blend of flowers to produce deep physical and mental relaxation. Creamy body exfoliators gently remove dead skin cells and promote softer and smoother skin. An aromatherapy massage featuring long and slow stroking movements helps restore balance. To round off the journey, a foot massage stimulates reflex points on the feet, inspiring a strong sense of calm and relaxation.

Individuals with a predominant fire element ( thaat fai ) usually have birthdays in January, February or March. They experience strong circulatory systems and high metabolisms. Poor digestion, a low body temperature and skin rashes are symptoms of an imbalance of the fire element.

120 Minutes [THB 2,360]


Experience exclusive pampering for two in the privacy of our stunning spa suite. Half an hour privileged use of our luxury spa suite facilities is followed by 150 minutes of specially crafted treatment rituals. A fragranced steam bath helps your body to gently detoxify, while a rain shower and whirlpool wake up your senses to provide rejuvenation and new energy. We gathered traditional healing herbs from around Thailand and infused them into contemporary spa rituals that provide you and a partner with the ultimate spa experience.



Your journey begins with a deep cleansing body mask to purify and exfoliate your skin. A full-body massage using a traditional Thai blend of massage oils restores wellbeing and provides deep physical relaxation. A quick cleansing facial hydrates and maintains the skin’s moisture. Your journey is completed with a foot massage that stimulates circulation and relaxes tired feet.

180 Minutes [THB 6,900]



Emerge renewed. The Rejuvenating Retreat ritual commences with a refining full-body polish with a soothing body scrub, revealing a healthy glow. An uplifting body massages with a warm aromatic oil and our signature facial treatment will ensure you feel completely refreshed.

180 Minutes [THB 6,900]

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